Carlos Molina LLorens lichtdesigner|bildender künstler

Carlos Molina Llorens

born in VALENCIA (SPAIN), 1980


Since early age he begin to forming and sensitizing in the "Escuela de Artesanos de Valencia" (Art school) getting in contact with art history, plastic arts, photography and visual arts, a growing interest develops in him for the treating of pieces and spaces trough atmospheres, studying and transitioning disciplines such as drawing, photography or video art. Will strengthen his propensity to space atmospheric treatment inside the feld of contemporary visual installation and stage lighting creations for theater and dance, reaching his own personal style characterized for using elements with a high poetic weight.

From 2003 until now participates actively with several theatre and dance companies in France, Spain and Germany. He participates also with diferent groups of artistic creation where he develops as well collaborations and personal projects, using light and space as an expression medium.



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